The Modern Furniture brand exist since the year 2015. It is a pioneer in the use of design thinking in furniture production. Our innovative approach is based on incorporating the results of studies of the changes occurring in the modern world into the creative process.

We ask the users themselves about their needs and the ways they use furniture. This knowledge allows us to create furniture which adjusts itself to the needs of the “modern human". We are passionate about quality and style. As a result, our customers benefit from our buyers experience in sourcing products at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves in offering an exceptional range of new and exciting home furnishings, some of which have been custom-designed, while keeping in mind our clients’ budget. We are offering You an innovative and functional furniture, tailored by highly qualified tailors. All products have the necessary requirements and approvals. The production plant is environmentally friendly, and carefully selected raw wood comes from forests subject to restrictive FSC regulations.